About Us

Every journey begins with a single step


MediaCity Design and Consulting is centrally located in the Burbank, CA. The goal has always been to promote our client's confidence in our designs by ensuring great quality.

All of the best design elements start a little magic, and with an outstanding reputation for service and consistent quality in the design industry, you can rest assured that we will meet all of your expectations.

For the perfect finishing touch, we create lasting impression for you and your clients. From designing business cards to reinventing your website, be ensured to see your vision come to life.


A philosophy of elegance is key when approaching a design project. Striving to build long lasting relationships with our clients throughout the process is where our heart is.​ We assure the quality and services offered since the first day. We offer business cards, website, flyer, brochure and other content design and business consulting.


Our designer provides over 20 years of digital design experience in the business industry. We have worked with a vast number of businesses locally and are qualified to ensure every project meets all our customer’s needs and leaves a lasting impressions.