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Law Office of Tim Murphy

This local attorney was looking to refresh his website and having something more presentable. We got to know Tim on a personal level, brought his characteristic to life and now they shine through his website.

Here is some of the work we have done for their organization:

  • Website Design


About Timothy M Murphy Esq.

Timothy M. Murphy graduated from Loyola Law School here in Los Angeles California in 1977. He later began working in the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office in 1978. In the Defenders Office, he started in misdemeanor trials and worked in various courts for two years before being transferred to Juvenile downtown. There, he was made the Deputy in Charge of the Juvenile Justice Center in Watts for the next year. After completing deputy I, II and III in Juvenile, Tim was transferred to Compton Superior Court where he was promoted to a Deputy IV, the highest ranking you can get while still being able to be a trial attorney. Here he was handling the most serious felony matters which included death penalty cases.

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