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The New Age

Creating a Healthier More Successful Brand

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

"Business success is a journey. As you begin your path towards a better version of business, we assure that we will be there every step of the way. If you fail, we fail. If you succeed, then so do we. The important thing is that we both never give up."




Naming & Identity Concepts

The first step towards the new brand is the name. Often times, companies speak from a megaphone rather than the voice of their customers, and we keep that in mind during the branding process. 


Messaging, Positioning & Brand Promise

The next step is to give your brand a promise. Stay away from a generic and pointed promise to your clients about what they can expect from your business. We want to help you create something comprehensive and powerful. The motivation behind your brand identity reveals the new promise.



Building a successful and new website is an essential part of establishing your new brand identity. We want the website to communicate your brand messaging and tell the story of a complete business.



A brand is not just a logo. A brand is every interaction you have with that business. Whether it's shaking someone's hand, visiting their website or receiving a brochure - the brand has to communicate the same thing. 

We were responsible for designing all of Success By Design's practice surrounding collaterals including: brand brochures, business cards and flyers for each event. 

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